Expo Profile Display KitZ

ExpoSystems Profile KitZ are an attractive alternative solution to Pop-Up & panel displays.
These displays are light weight and easily transportable, while offering a huge impact to potential customers.
ExpoSystems Profile-Kitz offer fantastic value for money and all units come with full set up instructions. Below are just a few examples of Expo-Profile KitZ that we have produced in the past. If you do not see one that suits your application, please contact us and we will proivide you with a free design to custom suit your needs.

Please note: These units do require more installation than a typical Pop-Up display or panel system.

  • We require two weeks from sign off of graphics to get them produced
  • Graphics are fabric unless otherwise stated.
  • Graphics are fitted using a sewn in rubber trim.
kitz_3038.jpg  kitz_3039.jpg
Profile-KitZ #3038 Profile-KitZ #3039
kitz_3040.jpg kitz_3041.jpg
Profile-KitZ #3040 Profile-KitZ #3041
kitz_3042.jpg  kitz_3043.jpg
Profile-KitZ #3042 Profile-KitZ #3043
kitz_3044.jpg kitz_3045.jpg
Profile-KitZ #3044 Profile-KitZ #3045
kitz_3046.jpg kitz_3047.jpg
Profile-KitZ # 3046 Profile-KitZ # 3047
Profile-KitZ # 3048





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